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0700 4 DALAIR

Does anyone still memorise even the most commonly used phone numbers these days?

Office switchboards usually have speed dial facilities and your mobile telephone has a contact list that allows you to search for people by name, but what happens if you're not in the office or can't find your mobile and need to speak with someone at Dalair? 

You could always look us up in the telephone directory, perhaps use directory enquires or even search the Internet, but we believe we've found a foolproof method of helping you to contact us by telephone. 

Simply remember the phrase: "Oh seven hundred for Dalair"

How does this work?  It's actually a mnemonic ... 

"Oh seven hundred for" becomes 0700 4 and then spell out the word DALAIR using the letters associated with the number keys on the telephone, i.e. 3(DEF), 2(ABC), 5(JKL), 2(ABC), 4(GHI) and 7(PQRS).

0700 4 DALAIR keys



       Telephone 0700 4 DALAIR                                  Dalair Limited,  Southern Way,  Wednesbury,  West Midlands,  WS10 7BU  •  Tel:  0121 556 9944