Dalair Limited

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Free 12 Month Warranty Our air handling units are supplied with a free standard 12-month warranty, in respect of faulty workmanship and components from the date of delivery and subject to full and documented evidence that maintenance has been carried out by competent engineers or, preferably, Dalair's own service engineers 

So far as it is reasonably possible, we will pass on the benefits of any guarantees or free service commitments, offered by the manufacturers or suppliers of items of equipment incorporated into our air handing units.

Dalair do not accept responsibility for repair costs and remedial work to AHU structures or components caused through damage during off-loading, craneage and installation, the lack of or incorrect maintenance, incorrect operation, system dampers closing or failing allowing full fan pressures to be exerted on the unit structure, malicious damage or incorrect wiring/piping of components.

Please refer to our standard Terms & Conditions of Sale for full details of the warranty.

Extended warranties are available.


       Telephone 0700 4 DALAIR                                  Dalair Limited,  Southern Way,  Wednesbury,  West Midlands,  WS10 7BU  •  Tel:  0121 556 9944