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Air Handling Units

Unit DesignAHU Drawing

  • Preliminary design, at tender stage, is undertaken by our technical sales staff and is based upon the required volumes, taking into account any limiting factors or unit specification. 
  • Once an order is placed, the project is passed to our contracts department, where the initial design will be fine-tuned and finalised by our highly experienced contracts engineers.
  • General arrangement drawings are then produced, using up to date CAD facilities, and are issued for written approval prior to manufacture  
  • Units are manufactured in the UK at our Wednesbury head office.

Unit Construction

  • Although materials may vary with the unit size and application, all AHUs are of a similar construction; namely an outer framework of posts, assembled using knock in corners, into which double skin, insulated enclosure panels are fitted to form a rigid, airtight compartment.
  • Smaller units can be supplied as a single section, whereas larger units are usually supplied in modular form, split into manageable sections for final assembly (bolting-up) on site.
  • AHU sections are generally supplied with a sturdy channel base support frame, complete with lifting holes to facilitate craneage.
  • All internal components, such as the fan and motor assembly, are built in to the unit sections and are provided with access or removable panels, if necessary, to facilitate maintenance and removal.
  • All forms of component commonly utilised in air handling equipment can be incorporated into the design such as filters, heaters, coolers, humidifiers, attenuators, plate heat exchangers, thermal wheels and run around coil heat recovery systems.




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